Why Your Home Needs Skirting Boards

The intended purpose of skirting boards was to remove the floor-wall junction. There are now however, many different styles and materials to choose from making them a part of the interior decor. It ties the whole room together like a ribbon on a present.

Protects the Wall

The skirting board protects the wall from bumps, scrapes and chips that furniture and vacuum cleaners leave behind. With the board installed, the door does not hit the wall when it is banged open either. It also keeps the wall clean and prevents splashing of floor cleaning detergents or polish.

Covers Problem Areas

Instead of redoing a wall a skirting board can be used to cover any uneven surfaces on the base of the walls. It does not require a lot of work and is a quicker fix to the problem.


The most popular material for the boards is wood because it has many different profiles and heights the person can choose from. It is also an environmentally friendly option because wood can be recycled and it sequesters carbon dioxide.

Provides Insulation

The skirting boards insulate the rooms and last for a long time if they are cared for properly. The ones made of medium density fiberboard are resistant to moisture and can help prevent the walls from being weathered down.

Hides Wiring

Skirting boards often have space between the wall and the board to allow electricians to fix in cable and telephone wires. A home with such a design can have invisible wiring improving the overall look of the house.

Looks Attractive

By selecting the color of the skirting board carefully you can make the room look bigger than it actually is. A skirting board adds depth and structure to any space which makes it so much more than just a floor-wall joint.